The Vision

VISION: noun  vi·sion   \ˈvi-zhən\: a picture of what the future may look like

The vision for the River City Church is bold, difficult, joyful, and driven by the grace of Jesus Christ in the gospel. These four “dreams” represent the vision for the River City Church.

Revitalize as a Gospel-Centered Church
The gospel is the profound truth that God became a man, Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life and then died on a cross in front of His mother.

Why? To take the punishment of sin, so that we can have peace with God. As the ancient prophet wrote, “He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities… the Lord has laid on him the sin of us all.” The Christian life, then, is believing & rejoicing in this every day of our lives.

For the River City Church to grow, every facet of our church must be centered on experiencing the grace and power of the gospel.

Revitalize as a Worshipping Church

More than anything, we are created to worship. We are made to find something amazing, something incredible, and to rejoice in it all our days. Some people find this in their favorite sports teams, others in their political convictions, and others find it in themselves. But we are not truly alive until we worship what we were made to worship: God Himself.

For the River City Church to grow, we must be utterly captivated by the grace of God and worship the God who saved us.

Revitalize as a Neighborhood Church

Following Christ must be done in community. We can’t baptize ourselves, give communion to ourselves, preach to ourselves, or even hold ourselves accountable. We need fellow believers for our own growth in the gospel, and also to partner with as we serve our community.

For the River City Church to grow, we must pursue, forgive, and encourage one another as we spread God’s grace in our neighborhoods.

Revitalize as a Church-Planting Church
Since the earliest days of Christianity, Christians have planted churches. In fact, any church you have been to was once planted. But why continue to plant churches? Because there are more people than ever, and people everywhere need to know the grace of God. And God’s primary strategy for spreading the gospel is by planting local churches.

For the River City Church to grow, we must be passionate about planting gospel-centered churches in Volusia County & Central Florida.