Revitalizing River City Church

6 years ago, the First Presbyterian Church of DeBary burned to the ground.


And to make things even worse, the church began the process of leaving its denomination for a Bible-believing, grace-centered one, and the senior pastor left.

So just a few years ago, First Presbyterian didn’t have a pastor or a building, and they were on the brink of painfully leaving their denomination. Many thought the church only had a few years before it died. In short, this church shouldn’t be here. It should have closed long ago.

But, it hasn’t.

You can see that God has been faithful to our church by just driving by it. And you can see what God’s plan for His church is by just reading his Word. Read how beautifully the prophet Isaiah explains God’s plan for this world:

For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
as the waters cover the sea.

Isaiah is saying that every square inch of this world will praise the grace and love of God. Even DeBary.

So, what is God up to? Well, God is doing what he has done throughout history. He is preserving, redeeming and revitalizing His people through his grace in Christ.

God in his mercy has provided a brand new church facility. God in his mercy has also blessed the church with a thriving preschool. God in his mercy has also led the church to the EPC. And God in his mercy has led the church to revitalize as River City Church.

So, what do you think God is up to?