About Me

Thanks for stopping by. If we haven’t met, my name is Dustin and I serve as the pastor of River City Church in DeBary, FL.

My life, more than anything, is a picture of grace. It is a picture of God’s immeasurable, over-the-top mercy. Because as you will come to know, I can be pretty sinful, and like the old hymn says, I can be “prone to wander.”

In case you are curious, I am ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and earned my Master of Divinity from RTS. I’m currently working on my Doctor of Ministry. I love being a husband and father, fly fishing, reading, and learning how to birdwatch. And yes, I realize this means I have the soul of a 75 year old.

If you ever want to meet, I’d love to grab some coffee or a cold beer. You can reach me at dustin@rivercitychurchepc.com


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jeri Anne Lovett says:

    My husband Rick and I met you last Sunday (Mother’s Day) at church. We also met your wife and children. We enjoyed your sermon and will definitely be back for more. Thank you for coming to DeBary with your family. We look forward to the changes coming to our church!
    Jeri Anne


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